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The Fierce Freedom Podcast

Jun 13, 2023

How can each of us learn how to advocate for ourselves in a holistic and trauma-informed way?

Today's guest Kayleen Soden, Founder of Phoenix Holistic Wellness LLC will share about how she began moving beyond unhealthy patterns cemented in childhood and subsequently embracing her own journey towards self-awareness and efficacy. 

She encourages listeners to check out her org Phoenix Holistic Wellness as a possible first step - which offers services, classes, and workshops, designed to help clients understand how their entire experience in the world can be integrated into a single understanding about self, wellness, and community.

Kayleen also shares about an upcoming Artist Market that integrates artistic expression with trauma-resiliency - where she also is designating funds to local orgs with similar aims (including Fierce Freedom!). 

You can also check out Kayleen's blog where she explores various passions including: nutrition, nature, psychology, spirituality, and self-discovery.