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The Fierce Freedom Podcast

Sep 27, 2022

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when that picture is drawn by a sexually abused child who doesn't have the words to tell you.

Trigger Warning: For those who have experienced sexual abuse or have a loved one who has been a victim, this episode deals with this topic and may be triggering for survivors. Please contact the RAINN Hotline for supportive services.

We wanted to share findings of a study that comes from researcher Scott R. Neubauer and the Child Abuse Education Foundation which details red flags for childhood sexual abuse found in drawings. We'll share how the results of this study can result in parents, educators, and childcare workers becoming significantly better at detecting signs of sexual abuse.

To see the gallery or watch the video for the Broken Crayons Exhibit by Amigos for Kids visit:

To download this booklet from the Child Abuse Education Foundation visit this link.

This episode is dedicated to Scott R. Neubauer, who passed away suddenly in 2018, and whose passion in life was for getting help for children being abused. May his legacy live on through his family and important life's work.