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The Fierce Freedom Podcast

Jan 10, 2023

This is part I of our conversation with Rosie Cataldo who works as a trauma-informed human trafficking consultant, prevention educator & healing conduit through her consulting service, Consult Rosie.

In today's episode, Rosie shares about her first interaction with the world of sex trafficking and how it spurred her on to find her own role. She encourages us all to examine our own gifts which may lead us to finding a way to uniquely fill in the gaps within the anti-trafficking movement. 

One of those ways you can get involved is through a planking challenge she created to spread awareness about trafficking. 

Here's how you join the challenge!
1.) Post a photo or video of you planking.
2.) Share an action item: How you will come alongside this issue.
3.) Nominate a friend to participate.
4.) Tag @RosieCataldo@fiercefreedomec &
@VeteransforChildRescue & we will share your post!