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The Fierce Freedom Podcast

Apr 19, 2022

In the state of Wisconsin sexual assault of a minor is considered a felony, and the blame falls on the adult perpetrator... unless of course money changes hands. Adopting a safe harbor law would change all that in our state.

We invited Executive Director of Fight to End Exploitation and fellow advocate for Safe Harbor Melania Brostowitz (she/her) to share what this bill (SB245) is proposing and outlines how similar laws in neighboring states like Minnesota have succeeded to protect victims and prosecute the perpetrators.

Melania has previously spoken at the Wisconsin State Capitol as a nonprofit representative for legislative efforts and participates in several local and state coalitions that address the intersecting issues of human trafficking including homelessness, domestic violence, mental health, and youth advocacy.

To help amplify this important message to legislators you can download Fight to End Exploitation's toolkit here. To support the work Melania is doing visit: