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The Fierce Freedom Podcast

Nov 21, 2023

If there's anything today's guest understands, it is the power of overcoming adversity, and using your own life lessons to help lift up others who are navigating similar challenges.

Dekelen "DJ" Griffin is the the Founder of MBM (Motivation Begins with Mindset Corps), a new nonprofit in the Chippewa Valley that is dedicated to help motivate others to go beyond their own life's challenges through the mentorship of others who also have lived experiences as well as by connecting individuals in need with essential physical items such as clothing, housing, and everyday necessities.

DJ shares his experiences as a child of parents struggling with substances, shedding light on the impact it had on his own path towards addiction as well as the pivotal moment that inspired him to break free from this dark lifestyle and embark on a journey of recovery and life transformation.

If you'd like to support the work DJ is doing with MBM, you can head over to their website or email DJ at