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The Fierce Freedom Podcast

Jan 26, 2021

A first for our podcast, we'll hear the incredible story of how John Turnipseed, a former pimp, drug dealer and gang leader of the most notorious gang in Minnesota was transformed into a community leader, pastor, speaker and agent for change.

John unpacks how childhood abuse and normalized gang culture shaped him into a...

Jan 19, 2021

Today's episode highlights the importance of building a network of advocacy as an intrinsic part of restorative justice.

To answer this we asked Kara Doan, Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer of Restoration 61 - an organization that provides trafficked victims emergency housing and support - her views on why these...

Jan 12, 2021

Today we chat with Adri Neitzke, Founder of Trafficking Justice and now Law Enforcement Officer in Nevada. 

Adri tells us the story of how her experiences with trafficking abroad became the origins for Minnesota nonprofit Trafficking Justice.

She also shares about her remarkable journey of discovering her calling in the...